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Recognizing the efforts of heroes in our fight against the COVID-19 crisis.

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Adrea Tejada - BomaLink

Adrea Tejada

Director of Public Safety
New Jersey, USA
Akindele Akinyemi - BomaLink

Akindele Akinyemi

Global African Business Association
Michigan, USA
Deborah Dogba - BomaLink

Deborah Dogba

Afro Swag Media & Magazine
Nebraska, USA
Thierry Fogang - BomaLink

Thierry Fogang

Vital Images Inc.
Ontario, Canada
Antonia Moore - BomaLink

Antonia Moore

SalesForce, Inc.
Georgia, USA
OB Ajayi - BomaLink

OB Ajayi

EMCOL Investments, LLC
Texas, USA
Amita Israel - BomaLink

Amita Israel

Advocate, Inc.
Texas, USA
Collins Nnabugwu - BomaLink

Collins Nnabugwu

Organisation For Leadership and Strategy Development
Lagos, Nigeria
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