Five of the most powerful Black celebrities supporting Nigerian protests against police brutality

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One of the best things possible is happening for protesters against police brutality and state-sanctioned violence in Nigeria and that is, their clamors have been noticed and are being amplified ...

Lawyer and entrepreneur becomes first Ghana-based author to self-publish a mystery thriller fiction

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There are many people who are scared to pursue their dreams largely because they do not think they can achieve them. Well, Adwoa A. Amoako Adjei, a young lawyer with ...

Heroes of COVID-19: How two vital persons led to the birth of Fumni Gbadamosi’s WACWDI in Nigeria

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For the second time, in its Heroes of COVID-19 series looked to Nigeria to celebrate individuals and organizations who are performing their duties or contributing their effort to preserve ...

6-Year-Old Boy With Autism Is The Youngest Ever Oxford University Student

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Gaining admission to Oxford, the prestigious British university thought to be better than pretty much every American Ivy League school besides Harvard, is a major achievement at any age. However, the fact ...

The forgotten queen of Guinea-Bissau who abolished slavery and fought off the Portuguese

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Queen Okinka Pampa Kanyimpa, otherwise known as Kanjimpa, was revered for many reasons. The last queen of the Bijago people of Orango, in the Bissagos Islands of Guinea-Bissau, Kanyimpa, throughout ...