COVID-19 is a reality staring us in the face. It has disrupted how we live, how we work and even how we close a business deal – try shaking a business partner’s hand.

According to Johns Hopkins coronavirus resource center, COVID-19 has reached 188 countries with active presence in most African countries. As at May 23, 2020, Africa had over 103,875 cases, 3,184 deaths and 41,576 recoveries. Countries with high frequencies and severity of the disease, had to put public health first by declaring lockdowns to track infection rates and manage cases. This hit their economies very hard. Some say recession awaits these countries in a few months. But for developing and delicate economies like Ghana, the choice of public health over the economy was not a question of political dilemma apparently. Economies die several times and still come back to life. Humans only die.

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