Shola Salako, Founder and CEO of BomaLink, recently announced the promotion of its current Chief Marketing Officer, Brittni Abiolu, to its first ever Chief Business Development Officer effective 4th January 2021.

“We had originally brought Brittni onboard in February 2020 for her marketing expertise especially in the digital space and also for her entrepreneurial spirit,” stated Shola Salako, BomaLink’s Founder and CEO. “The COVID-19 pandemic exposed a huge gap in the scarcity of job opportunities for Africans on the continent and in the diaspora as traditional brick and mortar working locations had gone virtual or closed down due to the pandemic. We had initiated plans to help remote workers connect with remote gigs, however, the need to centralize global job opportunities became very apparent. Brittni played an integral role in helping the company establish strategic partnerships that has enabled it to bring 45+ million active job listings to the BomaLink platform.  This is a monumental accomplishment for the company.”

This is a critical role in the company and Brittni Abiolu is ready for the challenge. BomaLink is committed to helping professionals in Africa and the diaspora obtain employment opportunities around the world. Brittni is excited about the expanded responsibilities and would play an active role in critical business decisions including the BomaLink platform.

“Our mission from day one has been to help people of African descent, whether living in Africa or the diaspora, find jobs all over the world,” stated Brittni Abiolu. “When I joined BomaLink, the team had an initial plan on how to make this happen, but after doing my due diligence and reaching out to my professional network, I was able to find a solution and expand the plan. Within a few months of finding a solution, we were able to list 45+ million jobs on the platform. This puts us in a position to gain market share and become a strong competitor with job search sites like and staffing and recruiting agencies like Robert Half International.”

In addition to helping grow the platform’s user base beyond its soft-launch phase, Brittni is also helping increase BomaLink expertise of the staffing and recruiting industry through intense training with industry experts. Additionally, she has led the contractual negotiation with several of BomaLink’s first employer clients.

“Brittni has also shown great initiative and introduced great ideas to help scale the business as any great visionary leader would,” added Shola Salako, BomaLink’s Founder and CEO. “Her role has expanded significantly and a promotion to Chief Business Development Officer makes perfect sense. It has really been a great honor having Brittni on the executive team.”

About BomaLink:

BomaLink is a Pan-African professional networking and career development platform. We connect the best and brightest talent of African descent to employment opportunities around the world. We also help employers committed to diversity and inclusion find the most qualified talent to fill their open positions quickly.  Click here to join BomaLink!

Job seekers can use the platform to create professional profiles (outlining their work history, skills and education), connect with other professionals, search and apply for employment opportunities, and access educational content on developing their careers.

Employers can use the platform to create company and group pages, post employment opportunities and engage the team at BomaLink to assist them in recruiting and staffing qualified talent.

We are headquartered in the United States with regional offices in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana.


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